Premiered April 2012, by Brass Architecture:

Jared Broussard, trumpet;

Aaron Ney, trumpet;

Paul Blackstone, french horn;

Jeremy Marks, trombone;

and Daniel Frost, tuba

Duration: 7 minutes

Instrumentation: brass quintet and fixed media

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GAME OVERture (2011)

In GAME OVERture, this juxtaposition is clearly on display: the brass quintet, a staple of classical repertoire, is mixed with the raw, 8-bit sounds of the 1980s (or rather, the “Nintendo age”). Although the results can be jarring at times, the seemingly unrelated sounds blend rather well together: listen to how the natural, pure tones of the brass instruments swell in and out of the lush, synthesized textures.

So, enjoy the wacky results!

To put it shortly, Zackery Wilson (b. 1986), originally from southwestern Pennsylvania, has been fascinated with video game music from an early age. With its infectious melodies, distinct harmonies, and relentless rhythms, video game music (especially and specifically, 8-bit music) has shaped Wilson’s musical style and interest-- so much so, that the juxtaposition of classical and popular stylings was an inevitability in his compositions.


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